Leave Manager Customer Testimonials

I utilize this program daily. The software program is very user friendly. The tracking for multiple FMLA conditions is very accurate. The email notification for Re-certifications is a very useful feature when managing several employees with chronic serious health condition. The FMLA News and Updates section is a great resource as well as the Reporting features. 

Ellie Royer

Payroll Administrator

This is a good way to track the leave of all employees. It is an easy way to know how much time all employees have used and have remaining, even when employees have multiple FMLA cases. Because of the reliability and ease of use, it is possible for one person to track many employees with the ability to access required records and documents both quickly and easily. There is a way to ask leave questions of experts. Updated information is regularly provided. The system is reliable and any issues are addressed promptly. Good communication and customer service. 

Joi Ryan

HR Leave Specialist

This program has been user friendly for our needs. It has helped keep our FMLA certifications organized especially when figuring out the plan year for an employee and how many days are remaining. 

Katherine L. Winkelman

H.R. Representative

The tool is excellent for tracking FMLA time taken.  Also, it keeps us updated on the laws as they change.  It has allowed us to accurately track FMLA usage patterns and whenever a supervisor needs to compare their absenteeism records, we can simply pull the calendar from the JJ Keller tool. The articles are very helpful and anytime we need help with a one-off situation, the personal assistant comes in very handy.  It's a great work tool and resource! 

Mia Daughety

Team Lead - Leave Management

The program provides step by step guidance for entering the data for each employee's FMLA case. I can then track when recertifications are needed and when someone is close to exhausting their FMLA entitlement. There are forms available and state guidance as well. 


I find that the program makes managing our employees leaves much easier. I have utilized the question area where you can ask questions on FMLA issues and get assistance. Makes my job easier and serves as reminders on needed medical certifications, etc. 


Compliance Professional

This has been so very helpful and takes up less of my time. As an HR Generalist, it is very busy in the department, and this tool cuts my time spent on FMLA in half. 


Compliance Professional

Highly recommend! It is very user-friendly and really takes the "guess work" out of FMLA. I especially love the [Expert Help] tool that comes with it. Thank You!!! 


The Leave Manager has allowed me to spend less time computing and calculating time off. It enables our HR Department to provided outstanding customer service to our employees. The Expert Help option is a life saver, when compliance questions surface. 


Compliance Professional