Illinois FMLA Laws & Informational Guides

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Illinois FMLA Eligibility

Wondering what the Illinois FMLA eligibility requirements are for employees? Use our handy infographic to keep FMLA requirements top of mind.

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Illinois FMLA Forms

With J. J. Keller® Leave Manager, you'll get access to an abundance of FMLA forms and templates.

  • Illinois Department of Labor - Employee Rights Poster (English & Spanish)
  • Illinois School Visitation Rights - School Visitation Form
  • Illinois Victims Economic Security and Safety Act (VESSA) - Complaint Form
  • Best practices for employee leave during the COVID-19
  • HIPAA Authorization Form
  • FMLA Policy Template
  • Disability Accommodation Request Form
  • And More!

FMLA Training Resources

Get access to a number of supervisor and employee training materials.

  • Training Powerpoints
  • Demonstrations
  • Quizzes with Answers
  • Handouts for Employees
  • FMLA Training for Managers
  • Employee FMLA Checklist
  • Training Certificates
  • And More!


Free Whitepapers

Stay informed on trending issues, news, and rules pertinent to FMLA and other employee lave with our free whitepapers.

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View frequently asked questions related to FMLA and general leave with answers from our in-house experts.

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