Individual Location Management

If your organization has multiple locations across the country, you need to be aware of each individual location’s specific leave requirements, as they may vary by state. Thankfully, Leave Manager allows you to manage federal, state, and company-specific leave parameters separately for all your locations. 

With Leave Manager, you can define the following leave parameters for each location:

Federal Leave Year
Choose between 12-mo. rolling backward, 12-mo. measured forward, anniversary date, fixed 12-mo. period, or calendar year to ensure calculations are accurate.

Additional Federal Leave
You may have only one program but provide more leave time than is required by law.

Additional Leave Programs
Track additional company-specific leave programs above and beyond federal and state requirements.

State FMLA and Other Leave Programs
View state-specific program guidelines for individual locations.

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The average cost of defending an FMLA lawsuit is $80,000.
That's why accurate FMLA tracking is important!

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